Method, Technique & Étude Books

Christiansen, M. Complete Guitar Scale Dictionary. Mel Bay. $7.95

Mike Christiansen spent his youth researching Western and non-Western scale forms, resulting in this tome 'o knowledge. Great for composers and improvisors looking for new melodic materials. In addition to a myriad of scale forms for major, minor, pentatonic, and blues, in-depth sections are contained on modes, symmetrical altered scales, exotic scales and Japanese scales. Among the scales presented are Byzantine, Persian, East Indian Purvi, enigmatic, eight-tone Spanish, Prometheus, Gagaku, Zokugaku, In Sen Pou, Arabian and Balinese. Scales are shown in notation, tablature, and diagram form. Also, rules are given for each scale showing construction and use in a harmonic context. Paperback. 60 pages.

Frary, P. Beginning to Play Classical Guitar, Bk 1. FRM. $10.95 (out of stock)

Peter Kun Frary’s Beginning to Play Classical Guitar can teach people without previous musical training to effectively play the guitar. Book One is designed for beginning private instruction or first semester classroom guitar, and focuses on basic reading and technique in the first position. Learning the basics is enjoyable with attractive melodies in student-teacher duet format and simple solos once the first position has been mastered. The concepts and materials of this text were developed over a twenty-year period using thousands of students in college classrooms and private studios. Peter Kun Frary is Professor of Music at the University of Hawaii, Leeward. Paperback. 63 pages.

All the duets and solos in Beginning to Play Classical Guitar are organized in playlists on the author's YouTube channel. For example, the piece (Study No. 5) in the above video is used to introduce the notes B, C and D on the second string. Peter plays the teacher part while Grace pretends to be the student!

Segovia, Andres. Diatonic Major & Minor Scales. Columbia. $4.95

Scales are the foundation of classical technique and a door to fingerboard mastery. These scales are fingered and voiced for classical guitarists, with major and melodic minor forms in most keys. This book is an essential tool for learning the notes on the fretboard, scale forms and finger patterns. Eight pages long, including a one-page introduction from the king of classical guitar, Andres Segovia. Paperback.


A Garland of Dances. William Frank, ed. Mel Bay. $7.95

The Renaissance comes alive with intermediate and advanced solos arranged for guitar from the John Strut Lute Book, Samson Lute Book and Jane Pickering Lute Book. Standard notation only.

Masters of the 19th Century Guitar, Vol 1. Keith Calmes, ed. Mel Bay. $14.95

Advanced character pieces and sonatas by 19th century guitarist-composers Sor, Coste, Paganini and Giuliani. Includes Coste's Le papillon, op. 50; Giuliani's Le calme (caprice), op. 50; and 12 others. Standard notation only. 95 pages.

Treasures of the Baroque. Vol 2. David Grimes, ed. Mel Bay. $24.95

Professor David Grimes has utilized his extensive research into Baroque music and his expertise in classical guitar solo performance to compile a truly unique and valuable collection. In addition to presenting an authoritative section on Baroque ornamentation, Mr. Grimes has notated a wealth of fascinating and beautiful guitar solos from the original manuscript sources. Standard notation only.

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Popular Styles

Brazilian Music for Acoustic Guitar. Barbosa-Lima & Briggs, arr. Mel Bay. $9.95.

Five original guitar pieces and solos, in their entirety, composed by Carlos Barbosa-Lima and John Griggs. Each solo reflects a rich and colorful palette of cross cultural influences ranging from classical to jazz and impressionism. The lead sheets in this book show the basic structure of the tunes with chords, and are followed by a more complex fingerstyle arrangement. Written for the advanced guitarist in notation and tablature. Selections include: Mi Bossa Blue; Embers; Dreams; El Robin; and Willow. 68 pages.

More Brazilian Music for Acoustic Guitar. Barbosa-Lima, ed. Mel Bay. $9.95.

Each of Carlo Barbosa Lima's guitar solos reflects a rich and colorful palette of Brazilian cross cultural influences ranging from classical to jazz and impressionism. Five stunning Brazilian guitar solos presented in both staff notation and tab: Chardonnay, Jade, Midnight Gold, Tayeras and Twilight in Rio. 54 pages.

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Bach, J.S. Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring. L. Almeida, ed. Mel Bay. $3.95

Music for solo classic guitar from Laurindo Almeida's Brazilliance Music series. This series of original pieces and transcriptions represents a lifetime of work by the renowned guitarist and composer who first introduced the bossa nova style to the United States. Almeida's arrangement of "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" is the best I have seen and much easier to play than Parkening's version. Intermediate level. A beloved favorite in our teaching studio. Standard notation only.

Romance of Love (Romance de Amor). L. Almeida, arr. Mel Bay. $3.95

Almeida's arrangement of the famous Spanish folk song "Romanza." Intermediate level. A favorite in our teaching studio. Oddly I get tots of requests for this piece at gigs... Standard notation only.

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