Seiko SQ50-V Metronome

Basic Click Master

Peter Kun Frary



My first Seiko metronome served me faithfully through over 25 years of practice and teaching. It died last year and I made due with a metronome app on my iPhone. While the app sounded great, it was too complicated, ate batteries like crazy and required two-handed operation. All I need is adjustable tempo and a simple click, so I ordered the Seiko SQ50-V Quartz Metronome.

The smooth contours and glossy piano black finish make for a handsome and easy to hold device. Yes, it’s just plastic but it feels durable. Like my Seiko of yesteryear, it takes a 9v battery (included) and seems to run forever. I flicked the on-off switch and it was metronome déjà vu. It sounds, feels and operates just like my old Seiko: easy to adjust tempo dial, simple volume wheel, foldout wire stand and three-position rocker switch for power and choice of two wood block tones. And, yes, one handed operation is a snap!

I find both timbres pleasant to practice with. The first click setting is sort of a wood block sound whereas the second setting resembles the click of a mechanical metronome:

While Seiko designers didn’t change this basic model much since the late 1980s, a couple improvements were apparent to me: greater volume range and a brighter LED light. While practicing classical guitar, I found volume irritatingly loud at even 50% and needed to lower it to just barely on! I’m guessing this model should be loud enough for most piano and wind players. If it’s not loud enough, you can run the mini pin (mono) output jack into an amp.

This is a wonderful basic metronome: looks and sounds good, allows one-handed operation and the battery lasts for nearly a year with daily use. It’s not a good choice for musicians requiring a downbeat tone but sure beats practicing with a smartphone app.

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Price: $25
PDF Manual

• 40 - 208 beat range (39 Steps)
• 2 types of beat clicks
• A (440Hz) and B-flat (446.16Hz) tuning tone
• LED beat light
• Volume Control
• 3.5mm earphone/output jack
• Fold out kickstand
• 9v battery


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