Peter Kun Frary | Photographer

North Beach • Port Townsend WA


When I think of North Beach, I visualize wandering down a slender beach with angry waves nipping at my feet. As a mere runt I biked out there with friends and hiked the great grassy field towards Fort Worden. In those days the fort was surrounded by rusty barbed wire, a derelict from the WW2 era. It didn't stop junior high boys so I can't imagine enemy soldiers turning back...

Forty years later, North Beach exists in my mind as a fading vignette. The memories still fire off a few synapses, pinging the tissue of my cerebral cortex, and flooding my consciousness with glimpses of the past. All Hail North Beach!

Canon EOS 5D MKII and EF 24-105 4L IS USM

Port Townsend Gallery

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