Frary Guitar Duo

Since its inception in 1992, the Frary Guitar Duo has performed extensively in Hawaii, developing a reputation for lyricism, musical insight and grace.


What could be more elegant than classical guitar duets music at your next event? The Frary Guitar Duo is available for weddings, parties, meetings and other events on the island of Oahu. Email or call (808) 679-6154 for rates and details.

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Carulli's "Rondo" from Duo in G Major Op. 34 | Frary Guitar Duo

Frary Guitar Duo plays "La Vechia Galliard" by John Johnson

We don't play rock or pop music styles. We focus on being the best we can be at one thing: classical guitar music. What's that? Watch our video tracks! Le Rossignol, A Merry Mood and La Vechia Galliard are live performances at the Leeward Theatre and thus contain audience noise and an occasional zip or bump. However, this is the real deal with no studio edits or retakes. Waltz, Rondo and Greensleeves are squeaky clean studio recordings. Like these videos? Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Waltz Op. 55 No. 3 by Fernando Sor

Here we play "Greensleeves to a Ground"

Frary Guitar Duo performing "A Merry Mood"

Frary Guitar Duo performing "Le Rossignol"

Grace Seil Frary

Education: B.Mus. Guitar, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Performance: Feature solo and duet concerts for UHM, LCC and events in the Hawaii community. Member of the Frary Guitar Duo.

Availability: Duet guitar performances on Oahu.

Grace Frary performing "Double in B Minor, BWV 1002," by Bach:

Grace Frary playing Bach's "Sleepers Awake."

Grace Frary playing Tarrega's "Estudio in A Minor."

A clip of Grace Frary playing Hawaiian Wedding Song.

Peter Kun Frary | Guitarist

Education: M.A. Music, University of Hawaii at Manoa | B.A. Guitar Performance, Western Washington University.

Performance: Solo concerts for UHM, Leeward Community College, Hawaii Public Radio, Hawaii Chamber Orchestra, The Hawaii Guitar Society, Director of the Leeward Coast Guitars, et al. Member of the Frary Guitar Duo.

Availability: Duet performances on Oahu.


Performing Tarrega's "Rosita"

A live performance of my composition, "Lovesong."

Peter Kun Frary | Poulenc's Sarabande

"Agashi," a Frary original, performed live in the Leeward Theatre.

After the Concert | Peter Kun Frary

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