Miss Longboard Contestants • Waikiki, Hawaii

Peter Kun Frary | Photographer


In Hawaii, swimsuit contests adorn many surfing competitions and are a telling slice of our lifestyle. The top price is cash, so many "pros" make the rounds of surf contests hoping to earn a war chest (for college?).

In late August China's Longboard Surf Contest rages at Waikiki Beach. The Mr. Longboard and Miss Longboard swimsuit contest is a popular sideline that garners many hoots of joy and admiring glances. These two tropical beauties swooning for the judges were among the oldest contestants. The others were so young I was hesitant to take their photos. Oddly, the Mr. Longboard contestants are few in number and appear to be more Sumo than surfers.

Nikon 8008s, Nikkor 180 2.8 ED AF, Sensia 100, FS4000US Scanner

Waikiki Galleria

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