Mokuleia Galleria


Peter Kun Frary | Photographer

Mokuleia Beach lies on the North Shore of Oahu, a short jog from Dillingham Airfield, an old Army air base. Beach access is via an overgrown driveway that cuts through a seaside dude ranch. The ranchers built fences along the driveway and beach, thereby placing a zit on my little paradise.

Despite fences and nudists, Mokuleia is a paradise for both photographers and sweethearts. In the morning the view along the beach is stunning: a sweeping vista of coral sand and clear turquoise water peppered with colorful kite surfers and hang gliders. It once served as a location set for the TV series "Lost," revealing my secret paradise before millions. Mokuleia Beach is also a haven for alternative lifestyles, so don't be surprised if some of its frequenters forgo bathing suits!

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