Peter Kun Frary, Photographer

Jesu Nim Bound • Bruges, Belgium


This wooden sculpture of Jesus bound with rope is displayed in the Basilica of the Holy Blood in the heart of Brugges (Romanesque section). The dramatic lighting was appealing, but but the combination of spotlight with overpowering natural light proved impossible to get right. So I exposed for Jesus and held back the window light with a layer mask in PhotoShop.

Although I liked Brugges, I experienced more incidents of rude behavior here than anywhere in Europe. A minder/watchdog in this Basilica stuck her greasy finger on the front element of my camera lens ($1000 lens!) and barked at me. I rarely lose my temper but briefly saw red and bared my fangs for a nanosecond. She apologied in perfect English and I suspect she assumed I didn't speak English and resorted to hand signals. Apparently some sections of the church were off limits to photography at certain times while others were okay. She could have asked me not to photograph and I would have gladly complied. It was an underwhelming church so no loss. I realize posting signs would have been unsightly but I expected more professionalism on the part of the watchdogs.

And, while on the topic of rudeness, Brugges waiters were the worse I have met in all of my travels: sarcastic, egoistical and bitchy. And I observed similar attitudes in the desk clerks at the Best Western Hotel I stayed in. I'm not sure if workers in the tourist trade lack training or if this is simply a cultural trait of the region. Perhaps it's something in their heavenly beer...

Canon EOS 40D and EF-s 17-55 2.8 IS USM, F3.5, ISO 1250

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