Peter Kun Frary, Photographer

Baroque 'n On The Street • Munich, Germany


Canon EOS 40D and EF-s 17-55 2.8 IS USM

The juxtaposition of urban youth and high Baroque hits the spot here. It must be the "Kicks + Ass" T- shirt. Stylin' kicks and big booty, what more can a guy ask for? Catch-lights in the eyes would have been nice but no flash was allowed. Besides, flash would have blown out the T-shirt. The eyes are somber and out of sync with the message of the T. Perhaps there's a deeper message here: man needs more than kicks 'n booty.

Sans urban youth:

The Asam brothers high Baroque church is among the most beautiful, clean and well preserved churches in Europe. An amazing amount of gold, silver and figured stone in the ornamentation. Perhaps the Asam brothers thought they could have God all to themselves inside a fancy private chapel.

Galleria Europa

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