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Colosseum View • Roma, Italia


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The 1st Century Colosseum, AKA Flavian Amphitheater, makes a striking backdrop for 21st century Roman traffic. The juxtaposition of ancient and modern is typical of Rome and a huge part of its unique charm. I grabbed this shot as we walked from San Maria Maggiore to board a waiting coach.

Unlike Northern Europe, I saw few bicycles in Rome. Instead, motorbikes and scooters covered the streets like locust, zooming, roaring and weaving in and out of traffic as if pursued by demons.

Don't expect to amble leisurely across the street like you do in the USA. Italian motorists have no fear of a close call and an arrogant stroll across the street could easily end badly. I've heard Italian motorists break every traffic law on the books, but will try to swerve or brake to avoid running you over. No guaranties though! On the other hand, German motorists will obey every rule but run you over if you're jaywalking. I don't know if this is true, but I wasn't willing to put it to a test...

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