Peter Kun Frary | Photographer

Ship at Dock with Afterglow • Aloha Tower • Honolulu, Hawaii


I often wander the waterfront with camera and iPod, trolling for images that catch the sights and moods of Honolulu. The sound, sight and scent of the ocean makes for relaxing walks and ample photographs. Midday light is too harsh for my taste, not to mention too intense for my pale skinned hide. My favorite time of day is just before and after sunset. Late afternoon shadows and warm light impart definition and delicious nuance like no other time of day. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary.

After sunset is a quiet time of muted tonality and hues but beautiful beyond my simple words. Such was this day. As I emerged from Gordon Biersch—Hefeweizen happy—the sight of the pinkish-orange pebbled clouds and low slung sun had me reaching for my camera and scurrying dockside.

During those few minutes of precious light I managed to nail it all: reflections in the water, sunset with foreground objects, cloud formations, boats in harbor and, depicted above, a Japanese fishing boat at dock. As my twilight world faded into darkness, I kept on shooting until the last photons of the afterglow. I walked past Gordon Biersch and saw scores of barflies engrossed in their little worlds of football and beer, and not one noticed the stunning afterglow and sunset, easily the most beautiful event of the day. I muttered something and meandered home to mama and supper, rockin' out to ACDC's Back in Black on mah ancient iPod.

Canon EOS 50D, EF 17-55 2.8 IS USM

Downtown Galleria

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