Pink Clouds & Tree at Diamond Head • Honolulu, Hawaii

Peter Kun Frary | Photographer


This is the last picture I shot on the slopes of Diamond Head that evening. While waiting for "sweet light" I felt I was being watched. After a few minutes of shooting a butt nekid man with woody emerged and lunged at me. I instinctively grabbed my spike tipped tripod and swung at him with all my might. He ducked and bolted for the bushes. Damn he was fast.

After weeks of shooting on Diamond Head, I realized there was a dark side to this beautiful and isolated place. Men were watching and stalking me constantly, and weekend afternoons were the worse, with literally dozens of pervs shuffling around in the bushes. Local surfers call them "trail boys."

The slopes on the ocean face of Diamond Head, especially just below the lighthouse, are not a place to walk alone or take models, friends or family. I was stalked, attacked and had stones thrown at me. Ironically, Diamond Head, one of the most famous landmarks on earth, is infested with pervs, druggies and mentally ill.

Canon EOS 10S, EF 35-105 3.5-4.5, Manfrotto Tripod & Fujicolor HG 100

Diamond Head Galleria

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