Peter Kun Frary | Photographer

Ala Moana Sunset Tree • Honolulu, Hawaii

Every Summer since 1990 I have shot this tree as a silhouetted foreground object in hundreds of images along with bikers, runners, skaters and sitters (3 of those images are in this gallery). The ball 'o fire, clouds and ocean make a dramatic backdrop for any subject. However, this sunset was too bright and the contrast too extreme for a good image. Plus, crowds of tourists and trash cans cluttered the foreground. Subsequently, I tucked the sun behind my fav tree to lower the brightness level, tilted the camera up slightly to avoid the messy foreground and nailed this savanna like image.

Canon EOS A2, EF 200 2.8L USM, Extender 1.4x, Manfroto 190, Kodak Gold 400

Ala Moana Galleria

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