Peter Kun Frary | Photographer

Jogger & Banyan • Ala Moana Beach Park • Honolulu HI

This image is an old favorite from a series of jogger images I did back in the day. I used a huge banyan tree as a frame and shot runners against the setting sun as they whizzed by. Once the shot is setup you can't look through the camera or you'll go blind from that blazing ball 'o fire! So with remote release in hand I fired as runners hit a mark. This image probably dates from the mid-1990s, but didn't get around to scanning the chrome until after the turn of the century! Finally I made an 11x14 print during Summer 2011. And, yes, that is the actual color of the sunset. Kodachrome does well with reds and oranges.

Canon EOS A2, EF 300 4L USM, Bogan Tripod, Kodachrome 200

Ala Moana Galleria

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