Peter Kun Frary | Photographer

Bikes at Ala Moana Beach Park • Honolulu, Hawaii

This image is the real deal. I took it back in the day using slide film: the stuff old folks used to project on walls and bore friends and family to tears.

How do you take a sunset image with a big lens? The pitfall to avoid is going blind. With sunglasses and camera on tripod, I stopped down to F32 (via depth of field preview) and composed with the Banyan tree as a frame for passing bikes and joggers. I noted the boundaries of the frame and waited with my cable release in hand and fired when an interesting subject entered the frame.

Never look directly at the sun. Except for the initial setup, I did not look through the lens. We're talkin' an eyeball fryin' Hawaiian sunset here so, if you value your eyesight, it is paramount to protect your eyes and avoid looking through the camera once you set up the shot.

Canon EOS1N, EF 300 4L USM, Bogan Tripod & Kodachrome 64 • LS-1000 Scanner

Ala Moana Galleria

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